after midnight blues band at the cove
daryl chadick on bass

Daryl Chadick

Sometimes this talented bass player even goes it fretless.

Claytie Bonds

Singing in the church choir and beautifully belting out the national anthem for civic gatherings eventually led this songbird on a path to the blues.

claytie bonds
Steve Chase

Steve Chase

Our great keyboard player is on leave temporarily.

Richard Nitschke

Richard Nitschke

Richard and Lamar started out playing together in kindergarten, but they traded their monsters for guitars in later years. After 15 years, Richard's taking a vacation.

Lamar Spencer

Vocalist and lead guitar player, Lamar's early claim to fame was playing in a band in high school opening for ZZ Top at the Teen Canteen.

- photo courtesy of the San Antonio Blues Society

Karl Yelderman

Growing up to the sound of The Beatles, Karl is partial to playing his set of Ludwig drums like  those favored by Ringo Starr.

guitarist lamar spencer
karl yelderman on drums

Luckey McClain

Luckey brought his talents as a guitarist and vocalist to the band  in 2016.

luckey mcclain